Happy Birthday Jojo!

Happy Birthday Jojo!

Happy Birthday Jojo!

So it's been quite awhile since I've blogged. Five and a half years to be exact, under the name of Stranded in the Desert. It's been too long and I've greatly missed it-- so what better way to start back up than with a very special celebration paired with a very special Quiet Art Case?

It was this little guy's 2nd birthday...


...and he was rockin' his mama-made Mickey Mouse romper. 

Despite the picture above, my youngest son Jonah (Jojo) is such a fun-loving, tender-hearted little guy who will melt your heart. As you can see below, he immediately fell in love with the Mickey Mouse present his great-grandma gave him.

We just decided to have a very small birthday party with immediate family, and he had a ton of fun eating pizza and cupcakes and playing with all 7 of his cousins and older siblings. 

So how does that special day tie in with the Quiet Art Case? I've created a themed Quiet Art Case in my little guy's birthday honor. You see, Jojo loves animals. I mean absolutely loves them. Especially farm animals. This little guy will spend hours playing with toy farm animals, pointing them out in books, and walking around "moo-ing" like a cow. 

So, as you may have guessed by now, the special Quiet Art Case themed in Jojo's birthday honor is: Farm Animals w/ Red AccentsIt features all of JoJo's favorite farm animals on a green background with a red accent color for the pockets and zipper. As always, this featured case comes fully loaded with a paper pad and twelve erasable colored pencils. 

You can pick up JoJo's specially-themed Farm Animals w/ Red Accents Quiet Art Case in the shop by clicking HERE.

To catch up on the story behind the Quiet Art Case, click HERE and scroll down to the "The History of the Quiet Art Case" section.




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