Child's Weighted Blanket - Pink Dino


This listing is for a child-sized organic weighted blanket using Rosette Flowers Print with Coral backing. Each blanket measures approximately 35”x50”.

Weighted blankets are used as a tool for people with anxiety, Autism, Sensory issues, ADHD, or anyone who enjoys the feeling of an ongoing giant hug.

Quality is one of the most important factors for our J.J. Goose products, and our weighted blankets are no exception. We use high-end designer fabrics and fill our blankets with quality glass beads manufactured in the USA.

Why glass beads? The glass beads in our J.J. Goose weighted blankets have the same smooth feel and texture as beach sand and are contained in separated pouches within the blanket, so the individual glass bead pouches allow for even distribution of weight throughout the blanket and can also double as fidget tools. Glass beads also make very little noise when moving around inside the blanket, which is important to those with auditory sensitivities.

As part of our commitment to quality, all J.J. Goose weighted blankets are double stitched to help bear the weight of the glass beads on the seams.

J.J. Goose weighted blankets are machine-washable on gentle cycle in cold water. They can be tumble dried on low, however, we do recommend laying flat to dry to preserve longevity.

There is a universally accepted guideline in determining the appropriate weight of a weighted blanket. Adults should consider a weighted blanket that is 10% of their body weight. For children, the typical recommendation is 10% of body weight plus 1 to 2 pounds. For example, a 60lb child would typically use a 7-8lb weighted blanket.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not medical professionals. Weighted blankets are meant to be used as a helpful tool for those with anxiety, Autism, Sensory issues, ADHD, or anyone who enjoys the feeling of an ongoing giant hug. Please consult your doctor, pediatrician, and/or occupational therapist for appropriate medical guidance if you have any questions about how a weighted blanket might benefit you and/or your child as each person’s situational needs are different.