About JJ Goose

What is JJ Goose?

JJ Goose is the name behind a journey to curb my issues with anxiety through my passion for sewing. JJ Goose represents my personal journey. Here’s a little back-story for context:

My 3 young children are Jonah (3), Jackson (4), and Anna (6). We’ve called Anna “Goose” for no good reason since she was only a few weeks old (…and POOF…you have the name 'JJ Goose'). Thanks to my children, my life has changed and evolved tremendously for the better. Unfortunately, I still find myself riding an emotional rollercoaster full of ups and downs as I continue to battle through my personal struggles with anxiety. Luckily, I’ve been able to use sewing as an outlet to help regulate myself. With a ton of support and a ton of coaxing from my amazing husband, I officially launched JJ Goose as a sole proprietorship business in 2017. Initially, I sold hand crafted children’s clothing and accessories. The process of starting my own business, making my own products, and then actually beginning to sell my goods in various craft fairs throughout the year ended up being more rewarding than I had imagined it, but I found it wasn’t as fulfilling as I had hoped. I wanted my products to actually help people and make a positive difference in their lives as opposed to just selling something for the sake of a little extra Christmas money at the end of the year. Selling fashion clothing for children, although fun and a good outlet to help control my anxiety, left me wanting to do something bigger and better.

2018 was an extremely tough year for my family. We had a ton of curveballs thrown at us. Between dealing with depression and anxiety and my youngest son Jonah being “officially” diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), I decided to take my business in a new direction. It all started when I made Jonah a weighted blanket to help with his ASD and SPD. Somewhat to my surprise, he fell in love with it and won’t go anywhere without it. Seeing how much he loved it and seeing how the blanket comforted him and helped calm him down when he was really having a tough day quickly helped me realize that I wanted one for myself!

As our family plunged into the unfamiliar waters of autism and sensory issues, we quickly realized that the costs add up quickly to test out/acquire different product solutions out there to help calm and regulate Jonah when his Autism kicks into full gear.  I found that sometimes the quality of the products we were trying out were not what I had hoped them to be. I decided that my goal would be to make my own line of handmade product solutions that would be fashionable, high quality, and allow me to give back to the autism community that our family has found ourselves a part of now.

We are currently partnered with the non-profit, Good Dog!, in working towards getting Jonah an autism-trained service dog.  They are such a fantastic group and have been so amazing for us that we will continue to support their efforts through JJ Goose by donating 5% of all net sales to their organization.

Currently, JJ Goose offers children’s weighted blankets and lap pads, adult weighted blankets and lap pads, as well as the original and still-popular founding products of JJ Goose: art cases and circle skirts.

There are big plans for the future of JJ Goose, with more quality handmade products on the way geared towards helping those in the Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety and Depression communities.